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What Makes SpaBizBoard Different from Other Social Networking Groups?

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I decided early on that unlike other boards I had participated in and co-managed, with SpaBizBoard I wanted to limit access only to those who were directly connected to esthetics and the spa business. I wanted to create a place where Estheticians could communicate with each other outside the view of the general public. That remains true today, however, the esthetics and spa business has changed dramatically since I started SBB over 10 years ago. Today's spa business is a specialty, as are professional estheticians. The spa business is not based upon discounts and selling products online. (Just ask anyone who has tried that route. It leads to nowhere.) It is based upon a foundation of continuing education, hands-on training, client safety, customer service, and a sincere desire to contribute in a positive way to the lives of our clients. The spa business is a lifestyle. It is ongoing, ever-changing...and fabulous! 

Information inside these walls is accurate and dependable and is for Estheticians and other spa professionals only. We definitely don't want to share our pro secrets with anyone who is selling Multi-Level-Marketing skin care products, and there are some trade secrets that we may not want our clients (and potential clients) to know. Therefore we have to be selective, which means our registration process is not automatic. The most important step is to verify potential members' credentials prior to approving membership. That requires a lot of administrative effort, but it has proven to be worth the extra time.

SBB has two membership levels: The General Area contains about 3/4 of the topics, however, the Private Area -- which is for Estheticians only -- is where the sensitive info will be. In the Private Area, we discuss issues related to whichever vendors happen to be on our radar at the time. The Private Area is where we can openly vent and discuss topics related to a company's' quality of products (both branded and private label), as well as their policies and practices, product knowledge training, customer service, shipping issues, etc., always with the knowledge that our audience consists entirely of licensed Estheticians. Therefore, if you are an Esthetician, this is the membership level that is best for you.

Stay current, be inspired...and have some fun with us!

~Diane Buccola



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