1. What is SpaBizBoard?

    1. Our History

      SpaBizBoard was created in 2006 by NCEA Certified Esthetician, former spa owner, consultant, Diane Buccola as a message board for estheticians and other spa professionals. Over the last decade, SBB has evolved into a valuable and well-respected educational resource for the spa industry where information and discussions are accessible only to those who qualify for membership. 

      In addition to our extensive professional database, we have recently expanded SpaBizBoard to include a multitude of new forums related to inspiration, humor, culture, arts, chit chat, friendship, family and fun...because as important as our professional skills may be, these days it's essential to our success (and to best serve our clients) that we de-stress and find our balance. SpaBizBoard is a safe place for estheticians and other spa professionals to learn, network, grow and relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

      SBB's membership fees are minimal and have not increased since its inception in 2006. The purpose of the membership fee is simply to limit membership to those dedicated professionals with positive attitudes who are willing to invest at least minimally in their career.

    2. What Makes SpaBizBoard Different from Other Social Networking Groups?

      I decided early on that unlike other boards I had participated in and co-managed, with SpaBizBoard I wanted to limit access only to those who were directly connected to esthetics and the spa business. I wanted to create a place where Estheticians could communicate with each other outside the view of the general public. That remains true today, however, the esthetics and spa business has changed dramatically since I started SBB over 10 years ago. Today's spa business is a specialty, as are professional estheticians. The spa business is not based upon discounts and selling products online. (Just ask anyone who has tried that route. It leads to nowhere.) It is based upon a foundation of continuing education, hands-on training, client safety, customer service, and a sincere desire to contribute in a positive way to the lives of our clients. The spa business is a lifestyle. It is ongoing, ever-changing...and fabulous! 

      SpaBizBoard 2017 is a lifestyle brand for the esthetics and spa trade. We are dedicated to those spa professionals whose goal is to serve their clients well, in a tranquil and healthy environment. And the only way we can achieve this goal is to take care of occasionally step away from the madness that online esthetics has become and retreat to a safe, happy and private place with like-minded individuals who share our love of esthetics and spa. 

      Information inside these walls is accurate and dependable and is for Estheticians and other spa professionals only. We definitely don't want to share our pro secrets with anyone who is selling Multi-Level-Marketing skin care products, and there are some trade secrets that we may not want our clients (and potential clients) to know. Therefore we have to be selective, which means our registration process is not automatic. The most important step is to verify potential members' credentials prior to approving membership. That requires a lot of administrative effort, but it has proven to be worth the extra time.

      SBB has two membership levels: The General Area contains about 3/4 of the topics, however, the Private Area -- which is for Estheticians only -- is where the sensitive info will be. In the Private Area, we discuss issues related to whichever vendors happen to be on our radar at the time. The Private Area is where we can openly vent and discuss topics related to a company's' quality of products (both branded and private label), as well as their policies and practices, product knowledge training, customer service, shipping issues, etc., always with the knowledge that our audience consists entirely of licensed Estheticians. Therefore, if you are an Esthetician, this is the membership level that is best for you.

      Stay current, be inspired...and have some fun with us!

      ~Diane Buccola



  2. Inside SpaBizBoard

    1. Today's Hot Topic

      Notes from Your Fairy Godmother (book)

      by Diane Buccola, owner of SpaBizBoard







      Welcome Estheticians and Spa Professionals!

      Membership in SpaBizBoard is limited to licensed estheticians and other spa professionals who can provide proof of their legitimate connection to the spa industry. Credentials will be validated before registrations are approved; therefore, our membership process is not automatic. If you are interested in becoming a member of SpaBizBoard, please read the following:

      STEP 1. Click on the "SIGN UP" link (top right corner) and follow the instructions to create your user name & password.

      STEP 2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from SpaBizBoard administration requesting further information, which is required to complete your registration. Your registration will remain active for 7 days.

      STEP 3. Once your credentials have been verified, you will receive an invoice via email which you can use to purchase your membership package. This invoice will be active for 7 days.

      STEP 4: Once your transaction has been approved, you will have access to SpaBizBoard forums. 

      QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS: If you have any questions or problems with this registration process, please submit a post in our forum below entitled "Questions about Registration Procedure." We will respond as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your interest in SpaBizBoard!




      $25 - 1 year

      Open to all spa professionals, including estheticians, massage therapists, cosmetologists, students, vendors, sales reps, spa owners and managers, and other spa and esthetics related businesses.



      $50 - 1 year

      Open to licensed estheticians only. Includes access to General membership forums.

      (This membership is recommended for all Estheticians; with the exception of estheticians who sell MLM skin care products)


      Please post any questions you may have for SBB Administration and/or let us know about trouble you may be experiencing with our registration and payment procedure.

  4. BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL (public forum)


      From life's buffet of options, we may differ in our choices. But there is always room at the table for kindness. :flowers:

      ~ Diane Buccola

  5. HAPPY ESTHETICIAN (public forum)

    1. Esthetician & Spa tee-shirts and accessories   (3,707 visits to this link)


      MAKE 2017 A GREAT YEAR! 🎉

      Spread the love with a "PEACE - LOVE - SKIN CARE" tee-shirt, nightgown, baseball cap or coffee mug.  :nenalower:

    2. 29
    3. Facebook - Happy Esthetician   (777 visits to this link)

      Info and fun for all!

    4. The Sugar Show   (638 visits to this link)

      Interview with SpaBizBoard owner, Diane Buccola

  6. BOOKS by Diane Buccola (public forum)

    1. NOTES FROM YOUR FAIRY GODMOTHER   (22 visits to this link)

      MY NEW BOOK!

      Ever wonder why some people seem to be happy in spite of life’s ups and downs, and everything always seems to go well for them? Is it because they have lived an obstacle-free life? Or do they have a superpower that you don’t know about?  Of course, not.  In fact, what they have is available to us all. Some of us learn it early in life, some of us never learn it at all, and the rest of us learn it eventually. So let your “eventually” begin right now!

      There is a joyful flow of life that you may not be tapping into. But if you clear a little space, well-being will seep in through the cracks.

      Notes from Your Fairy Godmother offers you ideas, inspiration and motivation to help you shift your focus, rediscover your joy, and live the happy life you can and should be living, no matter what else is going on in your life or the world. Included are over 200 quotes, reflections and happy thoughts to motivate and inspire you and keep you steadily on the path to your dreams.

      “Once upon a Time” is here and now. So, Darling Girl, let today be about the things that make you happy.

    2. ESTHETICIANS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND   (1,377 visits to this link)

      A note to Estheticians: This little book was written as a guide for the general public, so I highly recommend that you buy this book, give it a quick read, and then pass it along to every client, potential client and confused consumer that you can!)

      Women are bombarded on a daily basis with ads from skin care product manufacturers and salespeople, as well as medical and surgical service providers -- all of which are designed to convince women that they should lift, tuck, tighten, erase or buy one-size-fits-all "magic" products. On the other hand, what you won't see are expensive ad campaigns by estheticians, who for years have been quietly and safely helping clients reach their skin care goals.This book will help guide you through the ever-evolving world of skin care so you can make informed decisions before committing to aggressive procedures that are expensive, irreversible and possibly dangerous. This book has recently been revised to include lots of updated information including the most recent skin cancer statistics.

    3. THE HEART OF ESTHETICS: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success   (1,576 visits to this link)

      If you have been in this business for at least a year and are still looking for ways to bring in new clients, something is definitely wrong! So before you spend thousands of dollars on "spa consultants" or continue with the same old marketing suggestions (that obviously aren't working), read this inexpensive book that will literally redirect and revitalize your esthetics business.

  7. SPA BUSINESS EDUCATION (public forum)

    1. 9
    2. Are All Esthetics Credentials Created Equal?

      Comparison of CIDESCO, ITEC and NCEA Certified

    3. SpaBizBoard articles

      Links to trade magazine articles written by members of SpaBizBoard

    4. For New Estheticians

      Tips for the Newbies

    5. Esthetician License Requirements

      Interested in become an esthetician? Check the requirements in your state.

  8. INFO (public forum)

    1. Why are Facials Important?

      Why Should I Have Professional Facials by a Licensed Esthetician?

    2. What About Sunscreen?

      Do I need it Daily? What about spf?

    3. What about Melanoma?

      The ABC's of Melanoma

    4. You Need to Know

      Important information for consumers.

    5. American Cancer Society - Look Good Feel Better program   (9,951 visits to this link)

      This wonderful program desperately needs esthetician, cosmetologist and general volunteers. Please follow the link to the LGFB website and learn about this great program that helps women (and men) who are going through chemotherapy.

  9. NCEA (public forum)

    1. NCEA (National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations)

      The coalition is a group of active skin care associations, companies, estheticians and other individuals, who have united to establish standards and best practices, and provide political representation for our profession to state legislators and licensing boards.

      NCEA is protecting your right to practice by...

      • Addressing current issues that impact your income
      • Developing professional and educational guidelines
      • Representing your interests at the state regulatory level
      • Strengthening your voice in the industry

      Sign up for the NCEA free newsletter.
      Become a member.
      Become NCEA Certified! (We did!!!)

      Please visit the NCEA Website for more info: NCEA

  10. LEGISLATION (public forum)

    1. No More Microbeads

      President Obama signs a bill banning microbeads

    2. 2
    3. Sunscreen Innovation Act

      Signed into law. After more than a decade, FDA will now have to approve 8 new sunscreen ingredients in a timely manner.

    4. CA AB 1147 - Massage Therapy Act

      Assembly Bill 1147 - CMT training and licensing