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California - Massage Therapy Act

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Here is a link to the bill: AB 1147

And here is an excerpt:

CHAPTER 10.5. Massage Therapy Act


This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the Massage Therapy Act. Whenever a reference is made to the Massage Therapy Act by any statute, it shall be construed to refer to this chapter.


(a) It is the intent of the Legislature that this act enable consumers and local governments to more easily identify certified massage professionals, provide for consistent statewide certification and oversight of massage professionals, ensure that schools approved by the council that are teaching massage provide a high level of training, assist local governments and law enforcement in meeting their duty to maintain the highest standards of conduct in massage establishments by vetting and disciplining certificate holders, provide for a self-funded nonprofit oversight body to certify massage professionals, and ensure full compliance with, and execution of, the requirements of this act.

(b.) It is the intent of the Legislature that broad control over land use in regulating massage establishments be vested in local governments so that they may manage those establishments in the best interests of the individual community, and that the requirements and practice of the profession of massage therapy remain a matter of statewide concern, regulation, and oversight.

(c.) It is the intent of the Legislature that local governments impose and enforce only reasonable and necessary fees and regulations, in keeping with the requirements of existing law and being mindful of the need to protect legitimate business owners and massage professionals, particularly sole providers, during the transition period after this act becomes law and thereafter for the sake of developing a healthy and vibrant local economy.

(d) It is the intent of the Legislature that local governments, law enforcement, nonprofit stakeholders, the massage industry, and massage professionals work together going forward to improve communication and share information to further increase the value of statewide certification, to collaborate in the implementation of this act, and to develop a model ordinance reflecting best practices in massage regulation for cities and counties to adopt that will respect local control, patient privacy, and the dignity of the profession of massage therapy.

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