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So many topics, so little time

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If you are new to SpaBizBoard, you will be blown away by our database which dates back to 2006. I'm told new members have been lost in there for days! :faint:

This year, 2016, we have revamped and expanded SBB which includes a new software upgrade, a new look, much better manueverability, and a huge expansion into all sorts of general topics. We are the one-stop online site for education and fun for spa professionals, vendors and other spa-related businesses. And we are private! This means that venting is welcome. On SBB, you can safely and privately discuss anything, whether it's dissatisfaction with products, vendors, manufacturers...their minimum order requirements, lack of education or customer service. For example, we often discuss our frustration with the never-ending solicitation from MLMers, as well as the "professional" trade shows which allow them  to exhibit. And, of course, you can sing the praises of your favorite company, even if it is your own.  

Most importantly, you won't find cat fights here (I have a delete button, and I'm not afraid to use it.) :nono: 

The biggest difference between us and other social media sites is that you will know the source of the information you are getting from inside the walls of SBB. We do not allow just anyone with a computer to create an account and then try to sell you their wares. Members have paid a fee to be here, which eliminates social media trolls. And as the owner of SBB, I am not directly affiliated with any company; therefore. I do not sell advertising on SpaBizBoard (nor do I advertise membership in SpaBizBoard) and I do not solicit free stuff from vendors in order to get a kickback for myself. 

We are only as strong as our weakest link and you are welcome here. 



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