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You say Aesthetician...I say Esthetician

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In the USA, most state licenses read "esthetician;" however, there are a few states in which the license title is "aesthetician." 


Except from Diane's Blog (10-23-16):


No such thing as a Medical Esthetician or Clinical Esthetician

As of this writing, there is NO such thing as a Medical Esthetician or a Clinical Esthetician anywhere in the United States of America (even if working in a medical setting), I see estheticians using those fake titles all the time. And because that license doesn’t actually exist, there is no way for a consumer to assess what criteria (if any!) elevates that esthetician to a higher level. So this is false advertising, it is illegal and it can be dangerous.


Master Esthetician: Only in FOUR states

Another title that is too often used inappropriately is “Master Esthetician.” Some estheticians apparently believe that it is the number of years they have been licensed that somehow qualifies them to wear the (fake) crown of a Master Esthetician. But it doesn’t work that way. Years in the treatment is no measure of an esthetician’s education and skill level, due to how rapidly and significantly the field of esthetics has evolved and how techonologically advanced it has become over the years.

There are currently four U.S. states that do actually offer a Master Esthetician license, so of course those Estheticians can and should use that title. But sadly, more often than not, I see the Master Esthetician title used most often in states where there is no Master Esthetician license available. This is extremely unfair to those estheticians who legitimately earned that Master Estheticians in one of those four states.

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