Why join the Private Membership?

Most Estheticians get into the esthetics business because they enjoy the hands-on elements of esthetics. No matter what their specialty may be, typically the joy of working in the treatment room far surpasses any joy that comes from the business side of their esthetics career. The Private Membership rids you of the business burden so you can do what you love. 

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What is the Private Membership?

Esthetician Solutions was created as a comprehensive resource for Licensed Estheticians. The information contained within the walls of the Private Membership comes in many forms such as templates, scripts, techniques, instructions, strategies, ideas and inspiration.

Whether your priority is to gain new clients, or convert new clients into long-term loyal clients, or simply to keep your loyal clients happy, Esthetician Solutions will provide you with those tools.

Content is released weekly on various helpful topics, including (but not limited to): Esthetics, Marketing, Business, Wellness & Spa and Inspiration, as well as self-care for Estheticians.

Also includes two online courses:

  • The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clientele & Achieving Financial Success
  • The Ultimate Guide for New Estheticians

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