You have your Esthetician license. Now what?

It is a common misconception among new Estheticians that once they have their license, they will easily and immediately find their dream job, and the clients and the money will come pouring in. 

I will teach you how to fast-track your career journey from a newly-licensed Esthetician to a successful pro. 

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Now What?

Once you have your Esthetician license, then you'll need a job. And once you have a job, of course you will want to be financially successful. After completing this course, you will have the tools you'll need to successfully launch your new esthetics career. 

I will take you behind the scenes in the real world of esthetics and give you insider information about how to be successful quickly, how to maintain that success, and how to create an income you can count on. 

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The Experience

The client's experience with you matters just as much as the facial service and results. 

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Who do YOU want to be?

A Licensed Esthetician or a Professional Esthetician? An employee or an IC?  

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Beyond the Treatment Room

Networking, online/offline, social media, trade shows. Fun!

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The M.I.A. Client

There are common reasons a client disappears, and it's probably not what you expect. 

Your Instructor:

Diane Buccola


I am a licensed Esthetician with over 22 years experience as a Spa Owner, Solo Esthetician, speaker, author, consultant and trainer.

I help new Estheticians navigate the unknowns they will encounter as they begin their journey in esthetics.

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Why is it that some Estheticians achieve great success, while others are out of the business within 2 years?

If you can't create a bond with your clients, then you won't establish retention. 

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