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I just made a random decision. 

As this pandemic situation continues to roll out new players, I have been contemplating what to do with my Esthetician Solutions membership and my two online courses which I had put on pause a while ago as I waited for things to get back to "normal" (whatever the heck that is). But while they are sitting and collecting dust, they are not doing their job which is to help Estheticians. And that definitely is NOT why I put in all the hard work, effort and time to create them.  

During my down time, I rewrote and re-released my book "The Heart of Esthetics" as a second edition. Following the release, I had planned to get back on the speaker circuit right away to support my new book and to reconnect with Estheticians, many of which have been limping along during the last few years. But as this pandemic drags on and Estheticians attending trade shows are coming back with some version of Covid, I decided that is not the best plan right now.  

But as always, I want to help Estheticians become financially successful as I have tried to do for over 20 years. It is my joy and my passion, and I am frustrated with the options available to all of us right now. But I did finally come up with a temporary alternative plan...and here it is: 

For a short time, I am going to make my Esthetician Solutions membership site accessible to Estheticians. However, this time, I am offering a one-time, 3 days, FREE access to the membership site. Included in this offer are my two online courses: “The Heart of Esthetics,” which is based on my book of the same name, and “The Ultimate Guide for New Estheticians” for new Estheticians and students of esthetics.

In addition to the two online courses, content includes business, marketing, demographics, specializing, customizing, communication, confidence, choosing and using your space, service menu, protocols, retail, client behavior, client development, retention, loyalty, exclusivity, financial success, networking and self-care.

This is my gift to Estheticians, and it is your opportunity to get in there, grab some takeaways, learn something new, without spending a dime. If you are a seasoned Esthetician, you can refresh, renew, or reignite your passion, if you’ve lost it. If you are a new Esthetician, you can use this opportunity to leap ahead of your peers and find financial success the fast and easy way. 

Once you are inside the membership site, if you decide there’s more you want to learn than the 3 days will give you, you can purchase a 3-month membership at only $21 (a $199 value). Note, this is not an ongoing "subscription" so there is no need to worry about canceling your membership when the 3 months is up. Your membership will cancel automatically. 

I am not sure how long I will keep this offer open. I am beginning a new project right now and that may alter things for me. But I will definitely keep this offer open for the next couple of weeks. 



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