Why join the Alumni Membership?

Most Estheticians get into the esthetics business because they enjoy the hands-on elements of esthetics. Whether it's facials, hair removal, clinical esthetics, medical esthetics, etc., the joy of working in their treatment room far surpasses any joy that comes from the business side of their esthetics career.

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What is the Alumni Membership?

The Alumni Membership was created as a comprehensive resource for those Estheticians who have completed The Heart of Esthetics course. The information contained within the walls of the Alumni Membership comes in many forms such as templates, scripts, techniques, instructions, strategies, ideas and inspiration. It is yours to use as you see fit and as relates to your esthetics business.

The goal of the Alumni Membership is to relieve you of many of the burdens that take you away from your treatment room and your clients. Content is released weekly on various helpful topics, including (but not limited to): Esthetics, Marketing, Business, Wellness & Spa and Inspiration.

A sample list of specific topics will be available to those enrolled in The Heart of Esthetics course. (Alumni Membership is optional.)

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