Licensed Estheticians:

Do you know what your clients (and potential clients) are really thinking?


Have you figured out that an Esthetician's financial success is not dependent on facials and products? 




Esthetics business training on topics such as client acquisition and retention, the client experience, specializing/customizing, business skills advancement, career advancement, service menu development, communication, confidence, choosing your space, turning first time clients into forever clients, and loving your esthetics career!



The most common reason financial success for Estheticians remains out of reach is a lack of esthetics business skills training.

Today's Estheticians are struggling to find jobs and often are forced to go out on their own, often before they are ready. New Estheticians may not realize that the only task required of the Esthetician licensing program is to prepare the students to pass the state licensing exam. The schools are NOT required to train their students to be self-employed Esthetician entrepreneurs. Yet without that essential training in business management for Estheticians, it will be impossible to reach your financial goals. This is not the fault of the licensing program, nor is it the fault of the Esthetician student. But it does require Estheticians to seek out this important training on their own. That doesn't mean you must go back to school to get a business degree (you wouldn't find this information there anyway because these are very specific business skills for Estheticians). I have put everything you need to know in "The Heart of Esthetics" online course for Estheticians. So stop wasting time and money searching for new clients, take a break from useless advice on social media, and treat yourself to this Esthetician financial success course. You deserve it (and so do your clients!)


Who SHOULD take this course?

Although there are elements of this course that are great for all Estheticians, I have designed this course specifically for self-employed Licensed Estheticians and Solo Estheticians who want to build and maintain a loyal, lucrative and long-term clientele.

This online course will teach professional development and career development for Estheticians, esthetics business skills, business management for Estheticians, client acquisition and retention, a proper intake process and nurturing the client bond.

This course is COA-approved (6 CEs).

Who should NOT take this course?

This course will not benefit Estheticians who don't have (or don't want) decision-making control over their business.

I do not recommend this course for Estheticians who don't understand the synergy between facial services and home care products/protocols, or those who don't genuinely enjoy working with people. 

This course will not benefit those who are not licensed Estheticians (such as MLMers and other skin care product salespeople), as the information herein is specific to licensed Estheticians. 


Why should you take this course NOW?

Are you tired of constantly pursuing new clients, most of which don't stick around? Well, now is the time to get off the endless "pursuit-of-new-clients treadmill" forever and learn how to easily build a loyal and lucrative clientele. 

Even the most well-trained in esthetics skills may not have the esthetics business skills that are necessary to reach financial success as an Esthetician. Or in some cases, you may have some esthetics-specific business training but don't know how to properly use it. Either way, this financial success course for Estheticians is what you need right now!

"I highly recommend taking The Heart of Esthetics course." For me, it was an interesting and highly valuable experience. Even after working in the esthetics field after several years, this course has brought career shifts, a road to success. Best part is you can do it at your own pace, no rush whatsoever. The support Diane has given me during and even after I finished the course has been superb! Very knowledgeable and comprehensive. I have decided afterwards to join her Alumni membership for continuous support and knowledge."

Sylvie Michaud
Esthetician - Canada


Hands down, this is the most important key to growth and financial success for Estheticians. If you can’t create a bond with your clients, then you won’t create client retention.

Without client retention, you’ll always be scrambling to find new clients to meet your financial obligations. (And that's no fun!) What if instead you could create client loyalty and enjoy financial freedom?

This doesn't mean having to work much harder. It’s about working smarter. A much better result, for the same amount of effort? It’s possible!


I developed this online course for Estheticians because I saw so many Estheticians become completely sidetracked while trying to achieve client loyalty.

It is vital that you determine your niche before choosing a product line, creating your menu, or embarking on the pursuit of new clients.

If you’re a Solo Esthetician and you aren’t able to turn new clients into repeat clients, it’s probably because you don’t have a Client Development Plan in place, or maybe you don't even know what that means. But without it, working really hard to get new clients is pointless because it is unlikely they will stick around.


I’m sure you’ll agree, trying to achieve financial success as an Esthetician isn’t always as simple as some would like you to believe. It comes with its challenges; and there is no one-size-fits-all solution any more than there's a one-size-fits-all esthetics business. Clients are different from each other, as are Estheticians. 

You may have already tried to get off the "endless-pursuit-of-new-clients treadmill," and it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped. In this course, you’ll see how to do this in a whole new way.

If you’re newly-licensed, this will serve as a foundation for you, so you can learn how to find potential clients and turn them into loyal clients. And if you’re a Solo Esthetician, you’ll learn how to quickly put this into practice to create a bond with your existing clients (and any new clients) and keep them forever.


"The Heart of Esthetics Course has been extremely helpful to me in building my business. Diane shares her many years of experience in building successful businesses based on outstanding customer service, delivering great results and improving women's lives. In searching for the right business coach, I have encountered many who give flowery monologues to their students along the lines of "show that you are THE expert esthetician in your area to gain more clients" without delivering any real substance or clear direction. I have to say that while Diane is an encouraging, supportive mentor, she is not the vapid, "rah-rah" cheerleader I previously encountered. Diane is the Real Deal. She provides clear, specific, usable direction for self-analysis that will help you determine your best client and the steps needed to gain your client's trust in an authentic manner. You will love Diane, as I do, for the genuine, honest, compassionate person she is. She is truly a professional. I am still a work in progress, I believe you can never stop learning about yourself or the esthetics business, which is why I chose to be an Alumni Member of the course. Diane is a great educator; you will love her and the course! "

Gina Bloodworth Johnson
NCEA Certified Esthetician - Georgia

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