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Estheticians: Surviving and Thriving Pandemic 2020


Wow, what a weird time in history this is...

It’s horrific, it’s scary, and it’s confusing. It’s been a huge priority shift for me, that’s for sure. Although our journeys will be very different, the truth is that we are all in it together. And that brings me to my fellow Estheticians.

I have been a licensed Esthetician in the state of California since 1999, and NCEA Certified since 2008. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve had success, I’ve made mistakes (lots of them), and I’ve learned a lot. From my experience, here’s what I know:

When it comes to handling a career crisis, I have seen two types of behavior from Estheticians. (I have fallen into both categories at various times.) Up to this point in my career, a “career crisis” was limited to things like the changing of state laws which thereby limited the scope of what Estheticians can and cannot do. But right now, there is a new crisis in town and this one is...

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