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I like to read, and I love to write.  

I have written two books for the Esthetics trade and recently, I began following another passion which is wellness for women. That passion resulted in my third book, Notes from Your Fairy Godmother.

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The Heart of Esthetics


2nd EDITION (Released December 25, 2021)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Heart of Esthetics which I originally wrote in 2013. Esthetics has evolved significantly over the last decade, and you will find over 100 pages of updated information in this new version of the book.

Today’s Professional Esthetician is indispensable to his or her clients. We know that our job is not about giving facials and talking people into buying products. Facials and products are simply tools that we use in our work. Even so, the typical Esthetician will take a multitude of classes to learn about facial services and products, but the same enthusiasm is not typically shown when it comes to learning how to create and maintain a loyal clientele and a financially successful esthetics business.

Professional Estheticians understand the importance of nurturing the Esthetician-Client bond. We do not ask our clients to sort through a lengthy menu of facial services and decide on their own which facial they need. That era of esthetics is long gone. What sets us apart from the DIY facials and skin care product salespeople is our license, education, training and vast knowledge which we use to guide our clients in all things skin care. We must have a Client Development Plan in place which includes "measureable" marketing strategies, customizing/specializing, understanding the lives of women, and a service menu that includes a First-Timer Facial.

If you are a spa owner, a solo Esthetician, a new Esthetician, or a seasoned Esthetician who may be struggling with a bit of burnout, this book is for you. 

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Estheticians are a Girl's Best Friend

I created this little book as a marketing tool for Estheticians to share with potential clients so they will understand the many benefits of relying on a licensed Esthetician for skin care guidance. This booklet provides an overview of skin care and esthetic services, including common skin conditions, the facial experience, hair removal services, protocol for use of home care products, and updated skin cancer facts. Also discussed are the perils of purchasing professional products online.


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Notes from Your Fairy Godmother

One life. Just one. Why, then, aren’t we running at full speed toward the life of our dreams?

Notes from Your Fairy Godmother offers you ideas, inspiration and motivation to help you shift your focus, rediscover your joy, and live the happy life you can and should be living, no matter what else is going on in your life…or the world. 

“Once upon a Time” is here and now. So, Darling Girl, let today be about the things that make you happy. Also included are 200 of your favorite quotes, reflections and happy thoughts to motivate and inspire you. Read one (or more) every day to keep you steadily on the path to your dreams.

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