There are very specific reasons a client chooses one Esthetician over another...and then becomes a lucrative, loyal client. 

(Hint: It's not about products and services!)


Not having a Client Development Plan in place before pursuing new clients is like buying your dream car without first learning how to drive. Don't let that happen! 

Financial success in our business relies on business skills that are specific to the esthetics business. However, due to time constraints and too many variables in possible esthetics career paths, these essential tools are not taught in most licensing programs. You will, however, find these tools within the 200+ pages of my book, The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success.  


I'm Diane Buccola.

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I am an NCEA "Lifetime" Certified Esthetician and CA Licensed Esthetician with over 24 years experience in the esthetics and spa business. My passion is helping Estheticians create loyal clients and achieve financial success. 

The Heart of Esthetics book:

I wrote the original The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success in 2013, and it has remained extremely popular over the years. However, as Estheticians know, the field of esthetics changes quickly and dramatically, so there was a need to update the book which basically meant rewriting it. So that's exactly what I did! 

It was a year-long passion project for me, and the result is a 2nd edition that is not only fully updated, but has doubled in size!



Burnt out?

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Notes from Your Fairy Godmother: 

Inspiration, Ideas & Joy for Women 



About Me


Licensed Esthetician since 1999. NCEA Certified Esthetician since 2008.

Former Spa Owner, Solo Esthetician.

Current Spa Manager, Consultant, Author, Speaker.

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My Blog 

Most of the time, my blogs will be about the business of esthetics. However, occasionally I will mix it up a little by including topics inspired by my book Notes from Your Fairy Godmother. 


And in my spare time...

You'll find me in my happy place...Poipu, Kauai.

It's a vacation rental...check it out! 

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