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A Message for Students of Esthetics

Jan 17, 2022


You will read in the 2nd edition of my book, The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success (2022), that my reason for going to Esthetician school was not actually to have a career as an Esthetician. My actual goal was to open a Women's Wellness Center and I thought getting my Esthetician license was the best way to begin that journey.

My original plan was to open a day spa and work in the treatment room full-time until I could afford to hire another...

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Neutralizing of Estheticians

Oct 26, 2021

 Neutralizing of Estheticians

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of "The Heart of Esthetics" book (2nd edition) which will be available very soon. Stay tuned here for updates.  







render (something) ineffective by applying an opposite force or effect.




It would be wonderful if we could blame somebody else for the neutralizing of Estheticians, but you know who...

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The Psychology of Esthetics

Jun 06, 2020


Have you figured out that there is a gap between what our Esthetician program taught us and what we really need to know to become financially successful in the Real World of Esthetics?

The job of our esthetics training program is to teach us esthetics skills and to prepare us to pass our state licensing exam. The schools are not prepared to teach us about what I like to call the “Psychology of Esthetics” which includes topics such as why people choose one...

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