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Client Development Plan: The Beginning


Looking for new clients without having a Client Development Plan in place...is like buying your dream car without learning how to drive.


There are lots of moving parts with regard to client development...that is, if your goal is a loyal clientele. (On the other hand, if you work in a spa that does not rely on return clients, this may not be relevant to you.)  Client loyalty is not based upon the service menu or the product line; nor is it based upon the location or décor of the business. It’s based upon something intangible: The Client Bond. 


Estheticians are not in the service or sales business. We are in the relationship business.


To demonstrate this, below are two scenarios. One begins to lay the foundation for a strong client bond which will lead to a loyal client. And the other will not. You decide which is which.

Scenario #1:

A prospective client has heard about you and goes online to find your website.

  • The landing page...
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