The Course

When will I get access to the course?

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to log in to the course.


Will I have access to the entire course all at once, or will it be dripped?

It will be dripped at 60-90 minutes per week for a specific reason: Studies show that people absorb educational information more quickly and better if they have time in between to process and implement. And of course, further discussion will be ongoing in The Heart of Esthetics closed Facebook group.


How long will I have access to the course?

The Heart of Esthetics 2019 version is designed to take 6 weeks to complete, but you'll have access for at least 6 months after you enroll, so you can work at your own pace. You will also be able to download a pdf version of the original "The Heart of Esthetics" book to keep forever.


Who should take this course?

This course is specifically intended for new estheticians and Solo Estheticians. It will be most beneficial for Estheticians who have decision-making control over their business (or want to some day). Those who are currently enrolled in an Esthetics program are welcome to take the course, however, they may not join SpaBizBoard until they have their license. 


Who should not take this course?

Good question! But hard to answer because technically there are elements of the course that could help every licensed Esthetician. However, this course will not be helpful to estheticians who are employed by someone else and therefore do not have control over decision-making in their esthetics business.

 This course will also be of no use to Estheticians who want only to give facial services and/or only want to sell skin care products. And lastly, this course will not be helpful to anyone who is not a licensed Esthetician or someone who doesn't enjoy working with people. 



The Purchase

What will I get for my money?

The course is based upon my 2013 book, The Heart of Esthetics, however the 2019 version contains five hours of new video, audio, slides, downloads, assessments, and links. You will also have access to The Heart of Esthetics closed Facebook group where we will discuss everything contained in the course. I will be active in this group to answer questions and additional information. The Facebook group will close a couple of months after the final course module has dripped at which time graduates of the course are welcome to join The Alumni Membership (more info below).


Can I pay by check rather than credit card?

Unfortunately, no. Because the enrollment period is only 4 days long, there is not time to receive the check and get it approved by the banking institution before enrollment closes. Sorry!


Do you have a money back guarantee?

Course: There are no refunds offered on the course, and that's because I want to dissuade non-licensed people from signing up. So for that reason, I highly recommend that you scroll back up and reread the “Who should take this course” and “Who shouldn’t take this course” sections carefully before deciding to purchase.

Membership: The fee for membership is charged on a month-to-month basis, so you can cancel at any time.


Why should I purchase this course now?

I am launching this course at a one-time-only very low price; however, when it launches again in 2020, it will be more expensive simply due to the increase in my operating expenses.


If I don’t purchase this course now, when will it be available again?

This year, the course will be available for purchase from August 12-15, 2019. Then it will close and no further students will be admitted (no exceptions) until the course reopens sometime early in 2020.


Why is the course not available for purchase all the time?

My experience as the creator of SpaBizBoard was that for the 11 years we accepted new members year round, the administrative duties became overwhelming. So limiting the time frame for accepting new members provides me the time to totally focus on the students who are currently going through the course. In other words, I am not going for quantity, I am going for quality; and this allows me to give much better service to the Estheticians enrolled in the course, so they can give much better service to their clients.  



The Membership

What is the Alumni Membership?

You will find more information about the Alumni Membership once you have logged into the course, and then again when you have a completed the course. 


What is the difference between the course and the membership? 

The course is foundational and is applicable to all Estheticians; it's the "what to do" and the "how to do it."  But it's one thing to learn, and it's another thing to implement. The focus of the Alumni Membership is implementation and ongoing retention strategies. Estheticians will be entering the Alumni Membership at different stages of their career (just starting and need helping acquiring clients; have a few clients but need more; have many clients but need help with retention, etc.), so I have streamlined things by creating pathways to follow based upon your starting point.  


Do I need to join the Alumni Membership?

No. The Alumni Membership is available to graduates of the course, but it is not mandatory. Once you have completed the course, you will know whether the Alumni Membership is important for you. However, if you are an Esthetician and want to join SpaBizBoard, then you must have opted into the Alumni Membership.


Is there a fee to join the Alumni Membership?

Yes, there is a small monthly fee. The month-to-month option allows you to cancel anytime should you decide the Alumni Membership is not for you.


Why is it necessary to have completed the course in order to join the Alumni Membership and SpaBizBoard?

The Alumni Membership will move beyond the course, so it is important that everyone who enters the Alumni Membership and SpaBizBoard has the same foundational information so we can move forward from there. 




What is SpaBizBoard?

SBB is a membership site for licensed Estheticians that I created in 2006. At the end of 2017, after a wonderful 11 year run, I took SBB offline and underground (because I was exhausted!) and that's where she has remained, out of the spotlight for almost 2 years. However, in my 20-year continuing effort to do my part in attempting to raise the standards of this career that I love, I decided to bring SBB back out into the world of Esthetics, but only for this exclusive group of Estheticians.

SpaBizBoard is a private place where Estheticians can have some fun, chat about ALL things esthetics and lots of things having nothing to do with esthetics. We will plan meet-ups at trade shows, classes, and swap stories about, well, everything. We've been doing this for 13 years, so we're pretty good at it!

As always, proof of esthetician licensure will be required to join SpaBizBoard, and respectful communication among members is mandatory.


Why do I have to be an Esthetician to join SpaBizBoard?

That’s just who we have been since 2006. We are a private group of professionals who protect our trade secrets and are not interested in sharing our knowledge and training with non-pros. And we are always there to lend a hand to a new Esthetician or a seasoned Esthetician who may be struggling. We believe we are only as strong as our weakest link and we are better together. 


Do I need a Facebook account to join SpaBizBoard?

For now, yes. We have only been located on Facebook for a year and a half, and at some point, I may move SBB to another site. But that move would drive pricing up. So for now, because my priority is keeping prices as low as I can so it remains affordable for as many estheticians as possible, we will stay with FREE Facebook. 


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