The Successful Esthetician


Looking for new clients without first reading this book is like buying your dream car without first learning how to drive.


Measurable Marketing 

If you can't "measure" it, don't spend time or money on it. 

  • Master the art of attracting new clients
  • Master the art of retaining existing clients
  • Master the art of marketing yourself
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The Client 

The moment a client enters your space, a relationship has begun. 

  • Nurturing the client bond
  • Understanding clients' external needs vs. internal needs
  • Becoming indispensable to your clients
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Uncomplicate your Menu.

  • Proper intake process
  • The "First-Timer Facial"
  • A multitude of ways to specialize, customize, abbreviate and VIP

What Estheticians

are saying...

“The author's advice was solid and easy to understand and implement.”

“I really, really enjoyed reading your book and it will be like a bible on my long road as an esthetician. Thank you!”

"I totally loved reading this book. It had a lot of useful information.”

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