There are very specific reasons a client chooses one Esthetician over another.  

(HINT: It's not about the facial or the products.)


I'm Diane Buccola.

Welcome to my website! 


I am an NCEA "Lifetime" Certified Esthetician and CA Licensed Esthetician with over 24 years experience in the esthetics and spa business. My passion is helping Estheticians create loyal clients and achieve financial success. 

Where it all began:

I wrote the original The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success in 2013, and it has remained extremely popular over the years. However, as Estheticians know, the field of esthetics changes quickly and dramatically, so there was a need to update the book which basically meant rewriting it. So that's exactly what I did! 

It was a year-long passion project for me, and the result is a 2nd edition that is not only fully updated, but has doubled in size! 



About Me

Licensed Esthetician since 1999. NCEA Certified Esthetician since 2008. Former Spa Owner, Solo Esthetician, Consultant, Author, Speaker.

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Inspiration, Ideas & Joy

I wrote this book to help women rediscover their joy. "Once upon a Time" is here and now, so let today be about the things that make you happy!"

Notes from Your Fairy Godmother


Created in 2010 for Estheticians and the people who love them. There's a lot of fun to be had at Happy Esthetician. Please join us!

My Blog 

Most of the time, my blogs will be about the business of esthetics. However, occasionally I will mix it up a little by including topics inspired by my book Notes from Your Fairy Godmother. 


"The Heart of Esthetics has been extremely helpful to me in building my business."

Diane shares her many years of experience in building successful businesses based on outstanding customer service, delivering great results and improving women's lives.

In searching for the right business coach, I have encountered many who give flowery monologues to their students along the lines of "show that you are THE expert esthetician in your area to gain more clients" without delivering any real substance or clear direction.  I have to say that while Diane is an encouraging, supportive mentor, she is not the vapid, "rah-rah" cheerleader I previously encountered.  Diane is the Real Deal. She provides clear, specific, usable direction for self-analysis that will help you determine your best client and the steps needed to gain your client's trust in an authentic manner.

You will love Diane, as I do, for the genuine, honest, compassionate person she is.  She is truly a professional. I am still a work in progress, I believe you can never stop learning about yourself or the esthetics business.

Gina Bloodworth Johnson, Esthetician 

Georgia, USA

"I highly recommend The Heart of Esthetics."

For me, it was an interesting and highly valuable experience. Even after working in the esthetics field after several years, this course has brought career shifts, a road to success. Best part is you can do it at your own pace, no rush whatsoever.

The support Diane has given me during and even after I finished the course has been superb! Very knowledgeable and comprehensive. I have decided afterwards to join her Alumni membership for continuous support and knowledge."

Sylvie Michaud, Esthetician