10 Things Estheticians Should Have on Their Business Cards

business card marketing Jan 15, 2022


We all have business cards, of course, but is yours doing its job? Its job is much more than to provide your name and phone number. Heck, you could scribble that on a Post-it note and save the time and money necessary to have business cards printed. The job of the business card is to tell your story.  

Below is an excerpt from my new book "The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success" (2nd edition, 2022). It is included in Chapter 6 which is all about marketing. You will find this info under the subheading "Me, Myself & I."


Your business card can be one of your greatest marketing tools, if done properly.


Business Card. When it comes to this important and very common marketing tool, never do what everyone else is doing. And that means do not waste the priority space on your business card by providing only your name and phone number. Instead, give them the more essential info on the front of your card, and use the back side for the address and phone number.

Yes, it will cost a little more to print on the back side, however, not having to scrunch everything on the front and therefore having more space for important info is worth the extra cost.

As an example, here is what is on my Esthetician business card:

FRONT of card (the prime real estate):

  • Diane Buccola
  • Esthetician
  • NCEA Certified

The viewer may not know what “NCEA Certified” means but it sounds impressive and it’s different than most other Estheticians’ business cards. If they are curious to know what “NCEA Certified” means, they can ask me (which gives me an opening to talk skin care with them) or they can do an internet search.

  • CA license number #####
  • Date I was licensed: 1999

The next line can be a descriptor. Here are two examples:

  1. Completely Customized Facials
  2. Specializing in Clinical Esthetics

Those are the things that will pique their interest which will then result in them turning the card over to look for your contact info.

Here is what they will find on the BACK of the card:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website

Doing it this way gives the potential client so much more pertinent information about you and your esthetics business. They now have everything they need to contact you, schedule an appointment, or go to your website where they can learn even more about you. You are properly utilizing this essential tool to market yourself organically, without having to sell yourself. Your business card does all the work for you.


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