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10 Things Estheticians Should Have on Their Business Cards

Jan 15, 2022


We all have business cards, of course, but is yours doing its job? Its job is much more than to provide your name and phone number. Heck, you could scribble that on a Post-it note and save the time and money necessary to have business cards printed. The job of the business card is to tell your story.  

Below is an excerpt from my new book "The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success" (2nd edition, 2022). It is included in Chapter 6...

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Inside The Heart of Esthetics

Jan 10, 2022


(Okay...that was to make you laugh. Don't worry, you won't suck!)


Your dreams can come true in 2022. So don't be afraid to start something new... or something different. To help you do that, here is everything you need to know about what's inside The Heart of Esthetics book (2022 version).


(Es-the-tish-uhn) n.

  • A person skilled in the art of skin care treatments; facials, waxing; well-versed in the subject of skin care and maintenance.
  • A smart individual who has...
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Client Development: Let Them Know You

Dec 30, 2021



My new book, "The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success” is about the nuances of esthetics. In other words, I'm not going to tell you which products to use or which facials to offer. Nor will I advise you regarding esthetics equipment you should purchase or how to “capture” emails. You can get that advice anywhere.

The Heart of Esthetics will highlight for you the “moments of truth” that matter so much but are...

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The First-Timer Facial

Dec 27, 2021




Below is an excerpt from my book "The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success" in which I explain the First Timer Facial. Of course, there are more details in the book, but this will give you a general idea. Feel free to adapt my creation to fit your own esthetics business. 

The First-Timer Facial is not intended to be a big money-maker. Rather, it is an investment in a future loyal, long-term client. Financial...

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The Successful Esthetician in 2022

Dec 26, 2021


The Successful Esthetician

2022 is the year of The Successful Esthetician. 

My new book “The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success” (2nd edition) became available for purchase this week (YAY!) and it is very different from the original book which I wrote in 2013. The new book is different because esthetics is different, and this book has 229 pages which is more than double the size of the 2013 book.

Everywhere I go these days,...

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Client Development Plan: The Beginning

Feb 11, 2021


Looking for new clients without having a Client Development Plan in place...is like buying your dream car without learning how to drive.


There are lots of moving parts with regard to client development...that is, if your goal is a loyal clientele. (On the other hand, if you work in a spa that does not rely on return clients, this may not be relevant to you.)  Client loyalty is not based upon the service menu or the product line; nor is it based upon the location or...

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