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Pandemic 2020 (part 2): Same Storm. Different Solution.


This is a follow up to my blog of May 16th on the topic of protecting ourselves against this Covid-19 nightmare.

As I mentioned in that blog, the solutions currently being offered to us are external, such as utilizing face coverings and social distancing. While these are important methods, they do — at least somewhat — depend upon the people around us also following these protocols, but unfortunately that is something not within our control. Whereas the internal solution, which we all have available to us, is our immune system. And that is something over which we do have complete control. (If you missed my May 16 blog, here is a link: Pandemic 2020: Same Storm. Different Journey. (Part 2)

Most advice regarding strengthening our immune system involves diet and exercise, and that typically refers to things like staying away from sugar and keeping our body active. That’s great advice, for sure, but what is not discussed as readily (at least in my...

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