M.I.A. Clients: What Happened?


A client may have been with an Esthetician for many years, and probably has always been pleasant during appointments. However, when that client mysteriously falls off the calendar with no obvious explanation, odds are very slim that the Esthetician will ever learn what caused the client's departure.  

There are two very common reasons which might solve the mystery of  "M.I.A. Clients: What happened?" In this blog, I will give you reason no. 1. In tomorrow's blog, I will share with you reason no. 2. 


The Heart of Esthetics: Chapter 3 - "The Professional Esthetician (Obstacles)" 

Things to Consider. I am not a fan of the word “mistake” because things that may go wrong occasionally are actually lessons that propel us in a different direction. We learn, we adjust, or perhaps we completely change something, which usually turns out to be for the best, and which would not have happened if not for the “mistake.”

That said, some of these obstacles can be avoided just by being aware of them. So rather than “mistakes,” I’m going to use the phrase “things to consider.” These are things you may have no idea are happening but once you are aware, you can decide if an adjustment might be called for.

Below are topics I have seen first-hand…and quite frankly, I’ve done some of these myself, so I know they can be avoided once you become aware of them. The insight you gain can be used as a tool to help you create a client list that is packed – not just with clients, but with raving fans.

Just remember that clients do not typically leave because the service was not good. They leave because either they did not get what they were expecting, or they did not feel cared for.


There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. 

What’s wrong is letting the mistake remain, without an effort to make it right.



You might think that having a good vibe in your treatment room involves dim lighting with flickering candles and soothing music. That is all very nice, of course, but those elements pale in comparison to the impact the Esthetician’s personal energy can have on a client.

When a client comes to us, there is a lot going on besides skin care. There is an energy exchange between you and your client. There is a matter of trust between you and your client; in other words, a lot rides on how the client feels when he or she is with you.

Some of the most telling experiences I have had as a consultant are when I interact with a spa’s clientele in some capacity. When the clients understand that I am not an official employee of the spa, nor am I connected to management of the spa, they often feel compelled to tell me their true feelings about experiences they have had with a service, with a staff member, or with a licensed technician. I often get quite an earful. 

Because I am a licensed Esthetician and a former spa owner, I can understand what is at the heart of the problem. More often than not, the issue is not with the specifics of the facial service. Nor is it about the price, the products, or the comfort of the facial bed. Rather, it is almost always related to an unpleasant attitude or negative vibe coming from the Esthetician.

This happens a lot in spas but unfortunately in most cases, neither the spa owner nor the Esthetician will ever learn the source of the client’s discomfort because the client will just quietly fade away, leaving the Esthetician or spa to incorrectly place blame on something external like the economy or local competition. Because rarely does anyone follow up with clients who have gone M.I.A., the important lessons that could come from this situation are gone forever…as is the client.


There are many easy ways to keep yourself grounded and your energy balanced, all of which you will find in my book, The Heart of Esthetics: Creating Loyal Clients & Achieving Financial Success.


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