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Client Development Plan: The Beginning


Looking for new clients without having a Client Development Plan in place...is like buying your dream car without learning how to drive.


There are lots of moving parts with regard to client development...that is, if your goal is a loyal clientele. (On the other hand, if you work in a spa that does not rely on return clients, this may not be relevant to you.)  Client loyalty is not based upon the service menu or the product line; nor is it based upon the location or décor of the business. It’s based upon something intangible: The Client Bond. 


Estheticians are not in the service or sales business. We are in the relationship business.


To demonstrate this, below are two scenarios. One begins to lay the foundation for a strong client bond which will lead to a loyal client. And the other will not. You decide which is which.

Scenario #1:

A prospective client has heard about you and goes online to find your website.

  • The landing page...
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Bucket of Rocks


Your esthetics career is "A Bucket of Rocks."

Throughout the many years I have been consulting with spas and speaking to Estheticians, the question I am asked most often is "How do I get new clients?" This is the perfect question when asked by an Esthetician who's just getting started; for example, if you are a newly-licensed Esthetician or you have been working for someone else for a while and now you are going solo. However, if you’ve been working in the treatment room for more than a year, that is not the question you should be asking.

Let me give you a visual to help put this in perspective:  

  • Bucket
  • Holes
  • Rocks

Imagine you have a bucket, and you want to fill your bucket with rocks. So you gather a bunch of rocks and you place them into your bucket. But there are holes in your bucket so, of course, the rocks go right through and out of your bucket.

So you go out and find more rocks. You put them into the bucket. They too immediately exit your hole-y...

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Resume, Refresh, Relaunch


What a roller coaster ride life has been for us lately! I’m kinda exhausted….how about you?

The good news I am hearing from Estheticians who have been shut down for a while is that they are back in business. I am so happy to hear that! We need some good news….or great news. Got any to share?

I also know from Esthetician friends that their esthetics practices look a bit different than they did a year ago. For one thing, sanitation practices have been highlighted and upgraded, and I think that’s a bit of a silver lining which came as a direct result of this pandemic nightmare.

Another silver lining – I’m big on silver linings, can you tell? – is that many of us have taken this downtime to assess our esthetics businesses. And by that I mean, asking ourselves: Are we up-to-date? Is our menu fresh, or do outdated and not-very-popular services remain on our menu? Is our current marketing strategy (if any) still working and/or does it fit...

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