Resume, Refresh, Relaunch


What a roller coaster ride life has been for us lately! I’m kinda exhausted….how about you?

The good news I am hearing from Estheticians who have been shut down for a while is that they are back in business. I am so happy to hear that! We need some good news….or great news. Got any to share?

I also know from Esthetician friends that their esthetics practices look a bit different than they did a year ago. For one thing, sanitation practices have been highlighted and upgraded, and I think that’s a bit of a silver lining which came as a direct result of this pandemic nightmare.

Another silver lining – I’m big on silver linings, can you tell? – is that many of us have taken this downtime to assess our esthetics businesses. And by that I mean, asking ourselves: Are we up-to-date? Is our menu fresh, or do outdated and not-very-popular services remain on our menu? Is our current marketing strategy (if any) still working and/or does it fit the current post-pandemic esthetics business model? In other words, is there something we should do differently as we resume, refresh, relaunch our businesses...and ourselves?

Relaunching is always a good thing, I think. Doesn't matter how long you've been in business. And the timing couldn't be any more perfect than as we leave 2020 behind (good riddance!) and forge ahead into 2021. If you are open-minded, you can come back from this weird time in history stronger and with more passion and more success than ever.



I am aware that some Estheticians have experienced a drop in their client base due to the Covid-19 situation. But rather than despair about that, maybe it’s time to freshen up your client base. There are so many ways to accomplish this that perhaps you haven’t considered yet, so maybe now is a good time? I can give you a marketing strategy that worked really well for me. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive…. and it’s right under your nose! It’s literally how I built a successful day spa right out of Esthetician school. And here it is: You invite them in. Yep, it’s that’s simple, but remarkably very few Estheticians ever try it. Yeah, it may be "old school" but that's exactly what makes it (and you) stand out!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a letter.
  2. The content of the letter depends upon a few things but it always introduces you, your background, your training, your specialty and your passion for esthetics. (At this juncture, it's not a bad idea to mention your very high sanitation and safety standards.) In other words, it's personal.
  3. The letter does not try to sell the recipients anything, because the goal is simply to introduce yourself and your business, invite them to come in and offer them something at no charge.

Remember, our business is very personal which is why trying to attract new clients via social media or email rarely works. Those avenues are better used to keep in touch with existing clients and market to them. A personal letter, on the other hand, signed by you, placed into a pretty envelope which is hand-addressed, will get a potential new client's attention. And the fact that you are not attempting to sell them anything makes you different, makes you trustworthy, and piques their interest. And they will remember you. Even if they don’t come rushing in the first day or week they receive the letter, you will have made a wonderful impression. Your letter (and you) will be a topic of conversation next time they get together with their friends.


Okay, so you have clients in the door. Now what? Well, it goes without saying -- but I will say it anyway -- it's essential that you have a Client Development Plan in place before marketing to potential new clients. 


How do you get the addresses so you can mail your letter to all of these potential clients, you ask? Again, very simple. It depends upon the demographic you are looking for, but here’s how I did it:

I opened a spa in a shopping center strip mall that was near to where I lived. So I used the angle of “I’m your neighbor” which immediately makes them feel a personal connection, and that of course is the goal.

The neighborhood was upscale and that’s exactly the demographic I wanted. So I grabbed a friend, and we drove around the neighborhood writing down addresses street by street. And when I mailed the letter, I addressed it to “Neighbor” (again, the personal connection). And all it really cost me was a little time and a few dollars for stamps, paper and envelopes. And the price of a nice lunch for my co-pilot!

As you relaunch your esthetics business, keep one very, very, very important thing in mind. There are really only 3 steps to an Esthetician's financial success (assuming they are properly educated, licensed and trained). Step nos. 1 and 3 won't matter if you don't get step no. 2 right:

  1. Find new clients (traffic)
  2. Turn new clients into loyal clients (conversion)
  3. Keep clients happy (the sweet spot)

With that in mind, please don't make the mistake of wasting this (or any) marketing effort by neglecting to have a Client Development Plan in place first. When potential clients respond, you must be ready. Success is not about the endless pursuit of new clients. It’s about turning new clients into loyal clients and that takes a plan. I will talk more about that in a future blog.  


(The letter to potential clients mentioned above is available inside ESTHETICIAN SOLUTIONS Membership).


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